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Our flagship product is an Automated Meta-data Manager, which allows the cataloging and tracking of all backups, automating recovery of critical data.  This product has outlived many rival products with the same end goals, while offering superior solutions to those of the competition.  To complement our Meta-data Manger, we also provide a Rapid Restore which transforms a serial media retrieval method to a random access method, resulting in a recovery time 10 to 15% of legacy restore.  Other products provide data storage and recovery for spooled data, Q/Sparc, and a general utility for the spooler environment, Q/Spool.  We have enjoyed high praise from our customers over the last 20 years for outstanding support and service.  QSA’s customer base is not limited by industry type,  however, industries that require the most security and recoverability of their data are Financial Institutions, Health Care, Retail and Stock Exchanges.

It is the goal of QSA to increase sales as the company rolls out an aggressive marketing campaign combined with our newly established partnership for the distribution of our products. In addition, QSA developers are working on innovative and exciting state of the art technology tools for introduction to the market place. 

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Got OSS backup catalog?
No problem,

Q/Tos catalogs SQL/MX and OSS files and objects.

Q/Tos and Virtual Tape are not mutually exclusive.

Give your tired fingers a siesta with Q/Taco.  And boost the security and functionality of DSM/TC.

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How Q/Tos works
Q/Tos now has a GUI!